Join our network of women who want to be invested in empowering nonprofits and improving our communities. No committees, no fundraising, no event planning, no silent auction. We will meet quarterly on the second Wednesday in February, May, August and November.

Each member’s annual commitment is $400.00 with payments of $100.00 per meeting.

February Grant to Nationwide Chaplaincy Services!

After our February meeting, we presented the grant to Nationwide Chaplaincy Services.
Thank you for your generous donations!

Upcoming Meetings

May 13, 2020

Registration & Fellowship: 6:30-7:00pm
Charity Presentations & Voting: 7:00-8:00pm
Location: LifeSpring Community Church, 2503 Spring Ridge Drive Unit G, Spring Grove, IL

Any member can nominate a charity in McHenry County that serves the under-resourced and is a designated 501(c)(3)

For more information, contact:
Jill Payne 847-693-8911 or Sarah VanDerLip (847) 226-6370

Make Your Quarterly Contribution

If you are unable to attend, the group still depends on your donation commitment to the selected charity. Please be sure to make your contribution by sending a check with another member to the meeting, or mailing a check immediately after the meeting.

You can also make a payment to the selected charity through our Community Purse Giving Fund at the National Christian Foundation by clicking the button below.

*Please note: We request that a $3.00 handling fee be added for online credit card donations ($103.00).
For account transfer donations, there is no fee.


You can submit your information electronically, or print out a membership form. Printed membership forms can be brought to a meeting, or scanned and emailed to:

Membership - Register Online


Please submit the name of the organization you would like pre-qualified at least ONE WEEK prior to the meeting so that we can confirm eligibility.

Nominate A Charity